A personal trainer app to help you get in shape


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Gym Coach is an app that gives you access to several different workout plans, with different types of goals in mind. Whether you want to gain muscle, maintain your physique, or get hard defined abs, this app has a plan for you.

The interface is clean and simple, so you just have to worry about choosing the exercise plan you want and start working out. The app shows drawings of the exercises on the screen. No videos though, only pictures.

When you tap on any exercise, Gym Coach shows you how to do it, how many repetitions to do, and how many sets. It even lets you keep a record of how many calories you burn during your workout.

Gym Coach is an ideal app for users who take exercise seriously, and want to get in shape. The best thing about it is the customization, which lets you set your own personal goals.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher

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